Artwork by Barbara Ensley

Hi, I’m an acrylic and mix media artist. Welcome to my site!

“Journey Towards Hope”
Journey Towards Hope
“The Invisible Thread”
The Invisible Thread
Other Paintings

NEW SHOW!! “ARTifacts”

Spring Growth

I’ve spent the last few weeks working on a new more intuitive style and a new show! My latest pieces are multi-layered expressions of the interconnectivity of all things. In the studio I work quickly between multiple canvases, building organic scenes in a vivid color palette. The paint that left when a painting is complete…

My Latest Project

100 years ago there was a young man who listened to his mother and it changed the course of history and women’s lives everywhere. This name was Harry T. Burn. He was from McMinn County, Tennessee where I live. When I was asked to be the artist representing Mcminn County in the Tennessee County Ornament…


These days the world is a crazy place! One thing that I am finding helpful in my personal life is to use meditation to calm my anxiety. It is also something that’s shows up in my paintings… Meditation is a way of using practices such as mindfulness and intentional deep breathing to calm the mind.…