Crown Shyness

Crown shyness is a weird thing that trees do which I recently learned about and that lead to this painting..

Crown Shyness- acrylic on canvas 30”x40”

Crown shyness is a phenomenon which has been observed in some tree species in which the crowns of fully grown trees don’t touch each other. This phenomenon is most prevalent among trees of the same species.. I wonder is it prevalent among people?

How much is our fear keeping us from reaching out to touch the people next to us, the stranger next to us? I don’t mean necessarily a physical touch, but love.

Are you loving the people around you today?

Published by mrsbensley

I am an acrylic and mixed media artist back in the studio full time after 16 years of raising children. I am joyfully back to my paints to see what adventures I can find on the canvas!

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