My Latest Project

100 years ago there was a young man who listened to his mother and it changed the course of history and women’s lives everywhere. This name was Harry T. Burn. He was from McMinn County, Tennessee where I live.

When I was asked to be the artist representing Mcminn County in the Tennessee County Ornament Project, I felt honored to design a holiday ornament. I did some research about McMinn County and came across the story “Tennessee Statesman Harry T. Burn: Women’s Suffrage, Free Elections and a Life of Service” by Tyler L. Boyd. I knew the story of the letter sent by Burn’s mother encouraging him to vote for women’s right to vote needed to be included on the ornament.

When Harry T. Burn was first called to the Tennessee Special assembly to represent McMinn County he intended to vote against the 19th amendment. However after tabling his vote twice, he voted for women’s suffrage and it was said vote that changed the tie and changed history. It is an inspiring story of how ever vote matters and how a mothers love can help change history. I am happy to have been able to portray such proud history!!

The ornament will be on display in the Governors residence in Nashville during the holidays season beginning after thanksgiving 2020 along with the other 94 counties ornaments.

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I am an acrylic and mixed media artist back in the studio full time after 16 years of raising children. I am joyfully back to my paints to see what adventures I can find on the canvas!

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